Rosanna Ferraro-Jensen


Rosanna shares her art and creativity in her work as a spiritual care counselor at Honoring Your Spiritual Journey.  She has been a teacher most of her lifetime, teaching Italian, Religion, Spirituality, and creative expression, including her work as Adjunct Faculty  in the Spiritual Guidance Program at Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), where she earned a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Guidance.  Her research studies focused on the use of color and creative expression in exploring and experiencing one’s spirituality.  Her research is collected in her graduate thesis, "Coming Alive:  The Relationship between Color & Spirituality."

Rosanna is the founder of Honoring Your Spiritual Journey, where she practices spiritual guidance and facilitates workshops on color and spirituality.

Her greatest passions, exploring spirituality and creating with color, have been her constant companions throughout her lifetime.  Color is her opening and connection to the sacred within and around her.  Rosanna uses color as a core component of her daily spiritual practice each morning.  The color images in her exhibits are from her collection of daily meditations.

Rosanna loves being Italian, running, meditation, trees, the ocean, cooking, and spending time with her family.  She lives with her husband, Kim, and their dog, Bodhi, and their majestic Sequoia "MammaBella",  in Ashland, OR.

Special heartfelt thanks to Robert Frager, Ph.D., Anne Huffman, Ph.D., Dianne Jenett, Ph.D., Kate Wolf-Pizor, M.A., LMFT,  Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW, and all of the MASG professors at Sofia,  for their support and guidance throughout Rosanna’s graduate studies.

Sincere gratitude to Khodr Cherri for his spirit, dedication, and talent in creating the giclee custom prints for this exhibit, from Rosanna’s original artwork.  



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